Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Collapsible Truck Rack Tent Frame

Timmy came up with an idea to turn his truck rack into a tent frame.  I thought it was brilliant and with some 1 and 1/4" thick square tubing we went out to the metal shop...

We sleeved the metal on to the existing truck rack tubing which will bolt on to the rack.

We welded tabs onto the ridge and drilled holes that will allow for bolts to tie together the rafters.

Throw a tarp over it and you got a house, or break it down.

and go fishing... 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Live Edge Douglas Fir Light Shelves

I've been working on light design with LED lights and simple paper diffusers.  These LED strip lights are a great accent for an affordable price and they are very efficient.  They illuminate the ceiling colors and produce a warm light.  

The brackets holding the shelves are forged from old rototiller tine brackets I found on the Hoh Hum Ranch near Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula.  

I mortised 3/4" x 1/2'" holes for fir sticks to slide into. (View from bottom of shelf)

View from the loft... 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Artist Conk

We found this Artist Conk or Ganoderma applanatum in the skok valley and I wanted show what Joelle did with it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Copper Trilobite and Horseshoe Crab Escutcheon Plate

Who knew?  An Escutcheon Plate is a "a protective or ornamental plate or flange (as around a keyhole)" according to Webster.  Prior to leaving for a trip to New Mexico I rushed to install my dead bolts and I cut the holes in the wrong location... doh!!  Escutcheon plate it is.    

Here was the damage.  I had to glue the plug back in and re drill the hole...

Here is the solution, a trilobite!  I cut these our with a jeweler's saw and engraved them yesterday.

And one more.  I made 3 because only one door had a mis-cut hole, so I made interior plates for both doors, but only one exterior plate, the horseshoe crab.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lower Skokomish River Valley

 We got out to the skok for a partially sunny winter day last weekend.  When we first got down to the river there was a thick fog and the river was raging after flood condition rains a few days prior.

Joelle found a massive artist conch mushroom and we hiked it out for a beautiful, natural canvas.  More to come soon..

The gradient of color at this eddy was my favorite section of the hike..

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wiring, Insulation, and Vapor Barrier

I spent the holidays warm and dry inside the Leafspring.  I decided not to engage in the holiday extravelganza and instead was awarded the time to finish interior details that were long overdue.  It was chilly and wet for the last few weeks so I cleaned everything out of the trailer and drilled holes and ran wire.  I figured out all the electrical details, and was finally ready to insulate.

John Reese was one of the few to visit during the holidays.  Here is Christmas morning and John trying to avoid me insulating...

And with Joelle's return from LA, we were able to put up our vapor barrier.  The vapor barrier was a gift from my friend Joseph Becker.  He had it left over from a job and I only needed a small portion of the roll.

Recently, we found cork insulation at the restore for $5 a batt.  We bought 4 batts that were all about 2' x 4' and 2" thick.  Our plan was leave them exposed in the wall because the material is so cool.  Since it was in 2" thick sheets, I got 1 and 1/2" rigid foam insulation to place behind the cork insulation so the wall is the same thickness as the studs.  We left them exposed above the bench back as a head rest.  We did the ceremonial head butt and put them in place.  Below you can see the top of the bench back, and the transition to the exposed cork wall.

Here is another vantage of the exposed cork wall and new bench back.  Joelle and the moose are life models to show size.

Here are before and after shots of the bench area under the loft... 

The front/kitchen area with moisture barrier up...

Now the walls are up the place feels a lot smaller.  I kind of miss the exposed studs, but I also don't mind working in a t shirt while it is cold outside. There are only a few more pieces of siding to be installed on the back and a loft door to build, but the weather has transitioned me towards the interior.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Piano Pedal Light Switch and Custom Light Boxes

While working for Zyl Vardos, a fellow employee gifted me this old piano pedal.  She had used the rest of the piano internal parts in various building projects and she liked my idea of making a light switch with the pedal, so she gave it to me.  

I found a push button switch at Ace hardware for 8.99, so I made a little box out of hickory to hold the switch.

The switch turns on two LED light boxes that I made out of cedar and locust.  Here are pics with and without the flash... 

The LED lights were too bright so i made a diffuser with a ring of black walnut and white paper.  There are copper pipes holding the diffuser as stand-offs.

View from under the loft... 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Dynamics of Progression...

Exterior nears completion with 3 of 4 sides finished!  We have been working steadily on siding, fascias, and...

Door trim!

Progress is slow now that I am installing solar panels full time, but I had some time yesterday due to a back injury and I ripped open my thumb with a jig saw... Progress does not always seem to go in the desired direction... 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Copper Vent Cover Plates

For Joelle's birthday present we spent a day in the workshop with Bill Dawson making copper vent cover plates.  We designed two covers a few weeks ago and talked with Bill about the project.  

First we sheered two discs of 1 mm thick copper.

Here is a picture of the sheers.

Next we copied our designs from the sketch book using tracing paper, then glued them on to the copper discs using rubber cement.  Then we used center punches to lay out all of the drilling.

With a jewelers saw and a bench pin we cut out the negative space of the designs.  

Once the negative space was removed we used chasing punches to imprint designs.

Bill demo-ed different punches and their different uses.  When you make custom punches, you have a lot of options...

Here is Joelle's two headed snake, so far...

Complete and installed universe vent cover on western red cedar.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Still Siding...

The rain screen siding is almost complete, here are the process pics...

Midway through the process, the fall showers brought a big shitake harvest!  Joelle's sister Heidi and her boyfriend Issac inoculated these alder logs with shitake plugs 2 years ago and they are producing their first fruits!  

Now the house is surrounded with shitake logs...

My friend Bill Dawson has been work trading with me on building projects and he came over last weekend to button up the roofing on the hips.  We are almost ready for fascias. 

The front of the house is complete and now I just have to finish siding the loft.  I may get to it today, but part of my day will be hanging fascias and gutters on a new roof over Bill's back porch.